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Danger in Dingle’s message?

Carnival UK boss David Dingle runs the risk of getting a reputation for being a moaning Minnie. Not from his colleagues in the cruise industry, who he has been addressing today at the SeaTrade Med conference in Cannes - he is speaking up on their behalf. But I fear that other observers may take exception to his appeals against moves to legislate for cleaner fuel in ships and higher pay for crew. With an apparent disregard for green considerations, Dingle said that new regulations from the International Maritime Organisation which will prevent ships using so-called bunker oils, and require them [...]

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Man charged with dropping anchor

Don't ever believe it if your travelling companion tells you that whatever happens at sea stays at sea. It's certainly not the case for 44-year-old Californian Rick Ehlert, who has been charged with attempting to damage a cruise ship and endangering its safe navigation. The man is alleged to have released the anchor on Holland America's Ryndam, which was en route from Costa Maya in Mexico to Tampa, Florida at the time of the incident in the early hours of Saturday morning. Ehlert, who is said to have entered a restricted area and put on work gloves to deploy the [...]

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Royal Caribbean looks forward to seeing the Dominic effect

If you wanted to know which UK travel agents had travelled to Florida to sail on Allure of the Seas, the quickest way would have been tomake a late-night visit to the karaoke bar on the Royal Promenade to see who was behind the microphone. To be fair, some of them can actually put on an impressive show; others would be well advised to confine their singing to the shower. You know who you are, guys. They did manage to drag their hangovers to a series of working sessions on the ship, at one of which, they were advised to [...]

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Dream double a winner for shipyard

No, you're not seeing double: there were two cruise ships called Dream in the Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg. And in case you're concerned, the hull of Thomson Dream (above) has not been painted black - it's sitting in a giant floating dry-dock. The Thomson ship, formerly Costa Europa and Westerdam, is undergoing a six-week refit before beginning a winter season of cruises in the Caribbean. The main work involves the fitting of new thrusters to improve the vessel's manoeuvrability. Inside, part of the casino is being converted into a children's club, and the shopping arcade is being spruced [...]

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Allure named by a Princess

It's an indication of the commercial importance of the collaboration between cruise line Royal Caribbean and Hollywood movie giant DreamWorks Animation that a fictional film character was chosen as the godmother for Allure of the Seas. It took seven godmothers to name sister ship Oasis of the Seas 12 months ago; from Gloria Estefan to Olympic athletes to uber-cool British Bond-girl actress Jane Seymour. Celebrity Cruises, a branch of RCCL, has established a tradition of inviting worthy champions of charitable causes to perform the naming ceremony on their ships - the godmothers of their last three Solstice-class vessels have all [...]

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Brit girls are rocking the boat

Perhaps they were expecting Mary Sunshine, the ace reporter from the musical Chicago. But as the character is often played on stage by a large transvestite with an operatic voice, they were going to be disappointed when I turned up. I can't sing and I don't wear dresses How was I going to razzle dazzle the stars of the feature show on board the biggest cruise ship in the world? Which though it is performed at sea, is pretty near the full Broadway production, in the 1,400-seat Amber Theatre with facilities - back stage and front of house - better [...]

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Look who I met on Allure of the Seas

So apart from driving the ship, what else have I been getting up to while on board Allure of the Seas? My feet have hardly touched the ground, it's been so hectic. But you're going to have to wait to see me in action. In the mean time, here's a few teasers to show you some of the people I met on the biggest cruise ship in the world. Genevieve Nicole (top) is almost as busy as me; she plays Velma Kelly in the ship's Broadway production of Chicago, and she is Mother Nature in the spectacular Blue Planet show. [...]

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Place your bets on a new ship

The idea of having a Press conference during the inaugural voyage of a cruise ship has always seemed rather a futile exercise. The senior executives feel obliged to attend but are determined to give nothing away, and the assembled hacks from around the world have such disparate interests that their questions would be more profitably put in more intimate surroundings. Nevertheless, Richard Fain gathered his top team in the Studio B ice rink on board Allure of the Seas and immediately threw carefully-laid plans into chaos by picking up his stool to bring it nearer the audience, but out of [...]

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Central Park grows on me

Before boarding Allure of the Seas this week, I had wondered what life at sea was going to be like staying in a cabin which had no view of the sea. Not an inside cabin with no windows, but a balcony cabin overlooking the ship's Central Park, a peaceful area the length of a football pitch and the width of a three-lane road, home to three restaurants, a cafe, wine bar, and a couple of shops. The main concern was not that I would be deprived of a restful view of the ocean, but that what replaced it would be [...]

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Captain Sarah is ready to perform Royal weddings in mid-Atlantic

There's an opportunity for three couples to share a wedding date with Prince William and Kate Middleton by getting married at sea - they could be saying "I do" in the middle of the Atlantic instead of at the altar in Westminster Abbey. And the wedding would be even more special because it would be carried out by the only female captain in charge of a British cruise ship. Captain Sarah Breton will be at the helm of P&O's Aurora, sailing between Barbados and Madeira on April 29. She is legally able to perform wedding ceremonies at sea, and there [...]

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