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Last word, for now, on the intrepid Saga Ruby passengers who have been off the beaten track as they sailed down the West African coast on their way to Cape Town.
Whether it was due to voodoo, I have not been able to find out, but one of the tour buses broke down during visit to Lome in Togoland. Thanks to help from local villagers and the police, everyone made it back safely to the ship.
Well, almost safely, for at the quayside they had to run the gauntlet of eager traders keen to sell everything from local handicrafts to shoes and even iPods.
Yesterday in Limbe, Cameroon, Capt Philip Rentell had difficulty convincing his passengers – including his wife – that he had left a tea plantation tour half-way through so he could get back to the ship to catch up with work and emails.
When they arrived back they were caught in a tropical downpour, and immediately assumed that he must have been tipped off by the local weather shamen.
It was only after the rain had cleared and he provided a barbecue on deck that he was forgiven – though I’m not sure Mrs Rentell will forgive his description of her as looking like a drowned rat.

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