What’s in a name?

//What’s in a name?

When the Royal Yacht Britannia was retired, she found a new home at Leith, in Scotland, where thousands visit the ship every year.
Soon the Britannia could find herself in Edinburgh Harbour and with a cruise terminal for a neighbour – without moving an inch.
The multi-million pound development and proposed name change by Forth Ports is intended to make it clear to visitors from around the world that Leith is the gateway to Scotland’s capital city.
American tourists are not known for their grasp of geography, and have been known to demand they be taken to Edinburgh rather than Leith, without realising the two are just minutes apart.
But the plans have not gone down well with local residents, who are planning a protest at the loss of their community’s identity.
Some are demanding that Edinburgh Castle be re-named Leith Castle to prove their point.
Yes, and one day, haggis will fly.

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