Propulsion problems finally repaired, Aurora left Auckland just after 5.00 pm local time today, and is now racing across the Pacific. Despite cancelling calls in Tahiti, she will be a day late arriving in San Francisco, and is now scheduled to arrive there on March 24.
There will be one brief stop on the 6,500-mile journey – at Honolulu – for re-fuelling and to take on provisions and fresh water.
Many of the 1,700 passengers will be leaving the ship in San Francisco, and P&O will be re-arranging their flights home. Similar changes will have to be made for passengers joining the ship in California for the final leg of the 93-night world cruise, which is due to end in Southampton on April 13.
One passenger, a Gibraltar businessman writing on the Cruise Critic forums, said: “We sailed just turned 5pm. The captain says pilot will leave at 6.00 pm and shortly after the ship will stop for more testing. ”
Then around 9.00 pm we will drop off the engineers by pilot boat. Then off we sail for Hawaii. I Just hope we don’t wake up and find we are back in Auckland.”