Dali’s moustache on an Epic scale

//Dali’s moustache on an Epic scale

One of the things which make Norwegian Cruise Lines’s ships stand out from the crowd is the colourful artwork painted on their hulls.
The designs are usually inspired by the ship’s name, so it’s fairly easy to guess what adorns the sides of the Norwegian Sun, or the Norwegian Gem, or the Norwegian Star.
But how to interpret the Norwegian Epic, the line’s newest and biggest vessel, which within a few weeks will be floated out of the dockyard in France where it is under construction?
That was the challenge facing the company’s designers when it came to providing artwork for the 4,200-passenger ship, and you can see the result above..
CEO Kevin Sheehan says :”With Norwegian Epic, we are taking Freestyle Cruising to the next level, so it is fitting that her hull artwork conveys more of the modern, sleek design guests will find once they are on board the ship.”
I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a Norwegian Salvador Dali. It must be the moustache.

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