Underwhelmed by Oasis figures?

//Underwhelmed by Oasis figures?

Some of the facts and figures about Oasis of the Seas, which will be by far the biggest cruise ship in the world, are almost as impressive as the vessel itself. For a start, the 2220,000-ton vessel will carry 5,400 passengers in its 2,700 cabins.
As part of their campaign to build interest before the December launch, Royal Caribbean International are releasing a new “factoid” every week, but the latest has less to it than meets the eye.
Of the Oasis’s 2,150 crew members, say RCI, 95 per cent will be transferred from other ships in the 20-strong fleet, “bringing a collective 5,000 years of experience to guests.”
Which sounds great. . . or does it? My simple maths, or at least the calculator in my mobile phone, tells me that means the average crew member on Oasis will have less than two-and-a-half years service.
I have no doubt that the crew will, as always, be unfailingly pleasant and efficient, but it’s not really such a stunning fact, is it?
How about another figure then . . . Royal Caribbean boss Richard Fain reports in his blog that there are one million man-hours of construction work left before the ship is ready for service. I wonder if he has calculated the wage bill as well.

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