Celebrations that Costa packet

//Celebrations that Costa packet

I’m in Genoa, Italy, today for the double christening ceremony of the two newest ships in the Italian cruise line’s growing fleet.
Thousands of fellow guests will assemble in the specially-constructed theatre on the Andrea Doria pier this evening, flanked by the Costa Pacifica and the Costa Luminosa.
Workmen have been labouring throughout the night to lay acres of carpet and set up the arena and stage. If the rehearsals I watched yesterday from my cabin balcony on Pacifica are anything to go by it will be a truly spectacular – and undoubtedly no-expense-spared – event.
The Pacifica’s theme is music, and even the cabin key cards play a tune, rather like those irritating birthday cards. The ship has all the latest entertainment facilities, including a recording studio. What it doesn’t have is an efficient internet connection – writing this blog would have been quicker if I had carved it in tablets of stone.
So it would be optimistic of me to promise an immediate report and pictures from tonight’s ceremony. I’ll get them up as soon as I’m back in the UK.

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