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Israeli singer Noa (left) , who was the madrina – or godmother – at the christening of cruise ship Costa Pacifica on Friday, is a campaigner for peace in the Middle East.
She announced her own peace plan at a Press conference on the ship, prior to the twin celebrations with sister ship Costa Luminosa.
“Costa Pacifica is the ship of peace,” she said, and went on to suggest it would be wonderful if the leaders of the Middle East’s feuding nations could take a cruise on board, with the proviso that they could disembark only after they had reached agreement.
A good idea? I’m not so sure. Imagine the scene . . .
“So Mr President, after centuries of war and discord, and after thousands of deaths in our territorial and religious battles, we have finally agreed to peace in our region. We must assemble the world’s media to announce this historic deal tomorrow.”
“Not so fast, Mr Prime Minister. I know this is the age of jet travel and instantaneous internet communication, but I think tomorrow may be a little premature. We need to take a little more time.”
“But ultimate ruler, I feel the hand of history on my shoulder. We must tell the world, and who knows, we could be meeting again in Stockholm next year when we are jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.”
“Think again, my friend. As soon as news of our agreement is announced, you will have to return home to face the anger of the opposition parties back in your government. And our time on this magnificent ship, where we are waited on hand and foot, where we have so many bars and restaurants to choose from, and where we can relax by the swimming pool or in the sauna and steam room, will be over.”
“You are wise beyond compare, Mr President. Send for the Captain, we must tell him to turn the ship round and head back to sea. We have much to discuss.”
“Absolutely, partner. We still have important decisions to make. Are you having the lobster or the filet mignon for dinner tonight? And after that, will you be spending the evening in the casino or the disco?”
“We shall have time for both over the next few weeks. Waiter – two more whiskies, please . . . and one for my friend.”

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