Green with envy on his honeymoon cruise?

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It was strange enough to see Tiger Woods being stalked by a golf fan in a green body suit last weekend. Now it looks like the outfits are spreading to cruise ships.
Super-blogger John Heald, who is keeping the passengers entertained on board Carnival Freedom in the Caribbean, found this guy in the audience when he walked on stage the other day.
As if the outfit wasn’t bizarre enough, it turns out the passenger was on his honeymoon. It’s no wonder Carnival brand themselves as “the Fun Ships.”
Elsewhere in the cruise blogosphere, I was quite taken by one man’s opinion of behind-the-scenes tours which several cruise lines such as Carnival and Princess have introduced. Commodore Dave, a much-travelled cruiser from Canada who probably outranks me, a mere Captain, is not impressed.
He writes: “Rather than wasting their time ashore visiting landmarks or relaxing in the pool, spa or casino aboard ship, passengers will now be able to meet people like the head of the laundry department so they can marvel at his amazing technique for applying excessive starch to underpants. And if that doesn’t turn their crank, just wait until they reach the sanitation department where they’ll be treated to a titillating demonstration of vacuum toilet technology.”
Commodore Dave adds his own suggestions for ship tours, such as this Behind the Buffet Tour. “Ever wonder what happens to all the left-over food that bus boys remove from the lunch and dinner buffets? Well, it doesn’t go to Margueritaville. No sir, it’s freeze dried and made into tiny parrots for use at Jimmy Buffet concerts throughout the South-east.
“On this tour, you’ll get to join crew members as they scrape dirty plates, wash greasy dishes, and turn into parrot heads as they sing “Cheeseburger in Paradise” in 23 different languages. (Due to the mature nature of food waste, this tour is not recommended for passengers under 18 years of age.)”
Sounds good to me, sign me up right away.
Oh, and you can sign me up for a cruise on the MSC Poesia in the Caribbean next February, when the Bellamy Brothers will be the star attraction. Their biggest hit, Let Your Love Flow, was voted one of the top records of the century – OK, I know that was last century. But if they are providing the music for the line dancing sessions, I shall be singing along to my favourite, If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?
Yeehaw !

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