I vote to take a teabag to Venice

//I vote to take a teabag to Venice

venice.jpgIt’s National Cruise Week and we are being deluged with surveys drawing our attention to all aspects of cruising.
First was one which revealed that, given the choice of sharing a cabin with Johnny Depp, in his Pirates of the Caribbean role as Captain Jack Sparrow, or Penelope Cruz (in whatever role you can dream of), most passengers preferred their own partner.
Then we learnt that more than a quarter of passengers take their own teabags on a cruise, and 14 per cent of women take their own pillow.
Which is a bit odd, given that on every ship I have ever sailed on there has been a wide selection of both, whether you prefer English Breakfast or goose down; Oolong or allergy-free synthetics.
The latest survey declares that of all the destinations in the world, Venice (above) is the favourite port of call among the 1.5 million Brits who take a cruise each year.
No surprise in that result, it’s a totally delightful destination, and to arrive there by cruise ship is a heavenly experience. What did take me by surprise is that Venice achieved its top of the ports rating by capturing just five per cent of the vote.
When it comes to what they want to see in port, passengers were much more decisive, with more than half looking for stunning scenery, and 25 per cent wanting to sample the local food and drink.
I’d like to look at things from a contrary direction. Who would I least like to cruise with? Jordan. And I wouldn’t want to travel with Katie Price either. What do I invariably leave behind on a cruise ship? Cufflinks (closely followed by toothbrush) Which is my least favourite port? Still thinking about that; any suggestions?

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