Riding the iron road

//Riding the iron road

The Eritrean Railway was constructed in the 1930s when the Italians occupied this part of Africa. It runs for 73 miles from Massawa to the capital, Asmara, and after being put out of action by damage inflicted during the war with Ethiopia, is now in use again carrying freight and the occasional passengers. It must be a rarity, however, to have 200 cruise ship passengers aboard, even if we only had time for the 18-mile run to Mai Atal.
First some pictures of the train, then some of the people we saw on the journey.
This delightful girl was from a UNHCR refugee camp a few miles inland from Massawa.
These girls from the Rashaida tribe were much more reluctant about having their pictures taken.
These four women had walked for miles, and probably had many more miles to go to complete their journey.

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