carolollyatul.jpgHere are three travellers who refused to let the flight chaos prevent them from getting home. TV’s wine expert Olly Smith (centre), Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar, and P&O managing director Carol Marlow should have been flying back to the UK from Malaga on Thursday after sailing for the first three days of Azura’s maiden voyage, but the ship was unable to enter port because of high winds. By the time they reached Palma, Majorca a day later, there were no flights to the UK, and they began to wonder if they would be stranded. Atul needed to get back to London to start preparing a Prince’s Trust dinner at Clarence House tomorrow, and Olly had to be in Glasgow to work on new Channel 4 TV series Iron Chef UK. All was not lost. A flight was found to the Spanish mainland, and a 900-mile dash by mini-bus in 14 hours delivered our intrepid trio to Calais and a cross-Channel ferry. Carol said: “After leaving the ship at 9.00 am on Friday, I arrived back on my doorstep at 6.00 am on Saturday. It was a shame we couldn’t just stay on board and enjoy the cruise with our passengers.”