Olympic cruise ship plan under fire

//Olympic cruise ship plan under fire

More news on that proposal to spend an astonishing £6.6 million on leasing a cruise ship to provide accommodation for police at the 2012 Olympic Games sailing events.
And someone is talking sense for once.
Dorset County Councillor Tim Munro is demanding that the money be spent on creating a lasting legacy for the region. Describing the plans to moor a private cruise ship in Portland Harbour as “disgusting,” he said:
“If the figures are right and £6.6million is spent on housing police, then why on earth is it not invested somewhere in Weymouth and Portland? A cruise ship will sail in and sail away and that’s £6million going in the pocket of the owner of the cruise ship group.
“It should be spent on a housing development to help create a permanent legacy or it could be used to start a social housing project.”
A Dorset police spokesman said no final decision had been made, but added that local military barracks, holiday camps and schools had all been considered to accommodate the 800 police, but none was available.

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  1. Thomas Jordan 6 August 2010 at 8:43 pm - Reply

    Good to see someone talking sense. Well done Coun Munro. I hope you get some people to listen to you. Better watch your back driving home at night though if you upset the police force

  2. Colin Starke 7 August 2010 at 1:19 am - Reply

    I think the idea of mooring a cruise ship is the smartest idea.. then time and effort to to build suitable house is immense pluming sewage etc this people don’t need large housing the only need a room room that a cruise ship cabin would provide for the cost of build new housing would be more than the leasing spend the money on other area like hospital or education for short term use hire / leasing is just good business it just is no over heads

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