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We know owls are wise birds, but the creature which tried to stow away on a cruise ship can’t have been too clever. The Florida burrowing owl, which normally makes its home in sandy soil – and often invades lawns and football fields – tried to set itself up in the artificial turf of the mini-golf course on Oasis of the Seas.
The owl was discovered as the vessel was about to set off from Fort Lauderdale on a week-long cruise to the Caribbean.
“She was making it very clear that ‘this is my territory,’ ” said wildlife officer Dave Bingham, who spent half an hour trying to capture the bird with a butterfly net. He told the Miami Herald that when he released the bird in a nearby park, “she looked at me with this death stare.
“I don’t know if she was trying to say `I’m going to eat you’ or `thanks for taking away my chances of staying on that cruise.’ ”
“The ship actually has a lot of greenery and a central park area, so it’s not uncommon to see butterflies or birds,” said Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez. But it’s the first time an owl has tried moving in.
I have my own theory; the bird had read my story from last week about a red squirrel which stowed away on a rather smaller cruise vessel in Scotland.

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