Squirrel Nutkin takes a cruise

//Squirrel Nutkin takes a cruise

squirrel 004.jpgThe two vessels operated by The Majestic Line for cruises along the coast and around the islands of western Scotland are not the biggest in the world. Converted traditional wooden trawlers, they carry just 11 passengers in six cabins.
This week one of them, the Glen Massan, has been host to an unexpected extra guest – an elusive red squirrel – “Squirrel Nutkin of the Beatrix Potter books.
The charming creatures, driven out of most of England by bigger and bolder grey squirrels, are thriving in the forests of the Cowal Peninsula.
This one arrived on board while Glen Massan was anchored in Loch Riddon. Skipper Martin McWhirr believes it may have swum to the boat after being blown into the water from an overhanging tree, or perhaps was dropped by a bird of prey such as a sea eagle.
Local expert Jan Ferguson, however, believes the squirrels are strong swimmers, and that the stowaway may have climbed up the anchor chain after being forced into the water by a rival or a predator.
After being discovered by passenger Steve Boyton, a professional photographer from Canada, the squirrel has been winning the hearts of other guests – taking food from them at dinner.
But the animal has so far eluded all attempts at capture, and may even have jumped overboard and swum away. I’m rather hoping he (or she) is still on board and will be waiting for me when I join the vessel for a cruise round the island of Mull next month.

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