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allurodam.jpgEven if I didn’t know how to chop an onion properly, making delicious sweet potato soup with chef Molly Brandt on Allure of the Seas has given me a taste for cooking. Especially for cooking in a cruise ship galley.
And I think I may have spotted my next opportunity.
TV chef Valentine Warner will be hosting a series of demonstrations for passengers on Holland America’s Eurodam during a voyage to the Norwegian Fjords and Scottish Highlands later this year.
The 12-night cruise leaves from Dover on June 3 and Warner, who spent five years working in London’s restaurant kitchens under chefs such as Alastair Little and Rose Carrarini and has appeared in two series of the BBC2 programme What To Eat Now, will be appearing in the ship’s purpose-built Culinary Arts Centre.
I’m sure he’ll need an assistant. And I still have my apron . . .
As luck would have it, the two ships were berthed side by side in Crown Bay, St Thomas, yesterday. Eurodam’s HR manager, Odir Rodriguez went out in the unexpected rain (they call it liquid sunshine in the Caribbean) to take these superb pictures.

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  1. dirtybit 23 December 2010 at 7:20 am - Reply

    here is where you can see what countries are styling ships. The Alure the seas was built in Norway, where they build the beautiful ships, now the others are all being built in Germany—-ugly ships, even italy where they had the most beautiful and sexy looking ships have sucummed to the pressure of our monopolized CARNIVAL CORP”””who dicatates what…
    build me my new ships in Norway, the have grace and beauty
    and CArnival can keep their german and italian junk

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