Flirting with the motion of the ocean

//Flirting with the motion of the ocean

Want to know what people enjoy most about their days on board cruise ships? P&O did, so they set up a questionnaire on Facebook – and got some unexpected answers.
To no-one’s surprise, relaxing was the favourite activity, followed by sunbathing which I would have thought was pretty much the same thing; or does it require lots of concentration to ensure an even, all-over tan?
Given that their ships are in port on more days than they are at sea, perhaps we might have expected “seeing a new place” and taking excursions to have secured more votes, unless their relatively low score is because P&O passengers have “been there, done that, got the T-shirt” and there are few new places left for them.
Food remains at the forefront of many passengers’ thoughts, which is why some look forward to spending their days “looking at the menus for the evening meal.” And we’ll have to forgive those who considered “midnight snacks” to be a popular daytime activity.
I’d like to think P&O will pay attention to those who said they would like to sunbathe if only “all the flipping beds” had not gone, and take note that, disappointingly, art scored one single, solitary vote.
But I shall be intrigued to see how they respond to those whose ideal day is spent “flirting with the sailors,” “steering the ship with the Captain,” or simply “watching the girls go by.” And that’s not counting those whose one-word answer to the question was “sex.”
Although the crew probably have their own way of dealing with passengers like that. If I could have a day at sea for every senior officer who met his wife working or travelling on board ship, I would be away for months. It must be something to do with the motion of the ocean.

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