Steve’s marathon effort at sea

//Steve’s marathon effort at sea

marathon.jpgThe hardy few who pound the Promenade Deck during a cruise rarely rate a second glance from other passengers as they fight to keep their figures trim with a power walk or a steady jog.
One man is hoping for more attention as he takes the opportunity of a few days at sea to run a marathon on a cruise ship. Steve Eaton (above, left), from Tamworth, Staffordshire, plans to complete the distance to raise funds for Help For Heroes, in memory of a soldier who was murdered last year.
Steve, 57, has run 33 marathons, and is a friend of the parents of Staff Sgt Christopher Chacksfield (above, right), who had survived tours of duty in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, only to be killed in an unprovoked attack outside a bar in Newcastle upon Tyne.
The run will take place on board Grand Princess on September 22 while the 108,000-ton ship is crossing the Bay of Biscay en route from Southampton to Cadiz. He expects to complete the run in approximately five hours, taking into account the challenges of running at sea, and the stairs at forward section of the promenade deck
Princess’s UK Director, Paul Ludlow, said: “Help for Heroes is a fantastic cause and we hope that Mr Eaton’s efforts will raise lots of money for this worthwhile charity.”
There’s just one thing Steve has to do to complete his preparations: while three circuits of the deck are approximately one mile, he needs to be sure he runs the exact marathon distance of 26 miles and 385 yards. While Grand Princess is in Southampton this Saturday, he will be getting an accurate measure – and no doubt calculating how many times he will need to ascend and descend those steps.
Will this be the first marathon ever run at sea? If you know of anyone who has already completed the feat, please tell me.
To support Steve and Help For Heroes, visit

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