Norwegian salvage crews battle to prevent blaze ship from capsizing

//Norwegian salvage crews battle to prevent blaze ship from capsizing

nordlean.jpgEmergency crews and salvage teams have been pumping thousands of gallons of water out of the stricken Hurtigruten ship Nordlys to prevent it capsizing. The ship has been listing at an angle of almost 22 degrees.
An engine room explosion on the vessel killed two crew members and caused the hull to leak. Six Britons were among the 207 passengers taken off the ship.
Hurtigruten has brought in a support team to the town of Ålesund to assist and counsel those affected, and to provide practical support in the form of medicines, clothes and cash.
Powerful pumps have been brought onto the ship and local police chief Jon Steven Hasseldal says “At the moment it looks promising. It’s still a serious situation, but now there is a bit more stability in the ship.” A boom has been placed round the vessel to minimise the risk of pollution from the fuel on board.
The ship’s hotel manager Finn Krog Dexrud told a press conference in Ålesund today that the ship filled with smoke within three minutes of the explosion on Thursday morning. “Most people were awake and finished with breakfast and many were gathered on deck four to watch the arrival into Ålesund.”
Passengers said the evacuation was orderly and calm. “It was well-organized,” said French tourist Danielle Passebois-Paya. “The crew did a really good job. Everything was calm and went smoothly. There was no panic.”
There were 16 nationalities of passengers on board. Their belongings and possessions are still on board and cannot yet be recovered because of the danger of capsize.

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