Hurtigruten ship blast: Two crew killed but all 207 passengers are safe

//Hurtigruten ship blast: Two crew killed but all 207 passengers are safe

nordlys2.jpgTwo crewmen were killed and four seriously injured in an engine room explosion on board the Hurtigruten ship Nordlys. All 207 passengers were safely evacuated after fire broke out on the vessel this morning off the coast of Norway. It is believed 106 were rescued by lifeboat, while the remainder were able to walk ashore when the vessel went alongside at the port of Ålesund.
Fire broke out at 9.17 am as the ship was about to make a scheduled call at Ålesund during a north-bound sailing from Bergen to Kirkenes. Huge clouds of black smoke billowed from the ship as passengers were mustered on the outer decks.
Once the vessel was towed to the quay, emergency crews went on board to help fight the blaze while crew searched all decks to ensure they were empty. It was some hours before the fire was brought under control and the volume of water used to extinguish the fire has left the ship with a 10 degree list. Divers sent down to check the hull have reported there are some leaks.
In addition to the injured crewmen, five passengers were taken to hospital suffering from the effects of smoke. They were later released and joined others who were transferred to hotels in Ålesund.
“This is a tragedy and the worst possible situation. We are in mourning, but work as hard as possible to follow up the next of kin, the injured, their families and other employees in the best way possible” said Hurtigruten CEO Olav Fjell.
Nordlys, one of 14 ships in the Hurtigruten fleet which travel up and down the Norwegian coast carrying passengers and cargo, was built in 1994. The 11,204-ton vessel carries a crew of 55 and can accommodate 691 passengers and 50 cars.

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