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adonia2.jpgA rapidly-scheduled drydock for what P&O would only describe as “essential repairs” was completed a day early this week, allowing the ship an extra 24 hours preparation before setting off on an 87-night voyage around South America.
The post-Christmas cruise from Naples for 700 passengers was cancelled in order for the work to be done. While P&O refused to go into detail, speculation ranged from faulty stabilisers to an oil leak, possibly caused by a rope getting wrapped around a propeller shaft.
There were no signs of trouble when I was on board the 11-year-old ship in November, and whatever the problem, it must have arisen since the vessel was drydocked in the Bahamas in April, to be converted from Royal Princess.
The 30,000-ton ship arrived in harbour at Falmouth, Cornwall, in the early hours of Sunday morning, and work began at 6.00 am, as soon as the dock had been pumped dry. It continued round-the-clock until yesterday (Wednesday) evening, when Adonia was able to depart for Southampton a day early.
Passengers are hoping that Friday 13th will not mark an unlucky start to their South American Adventure which will take Adonia to Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Port Stanley in the Falklands, around Cape Horn to Santiago, Chile and on to the Panama Canal, Florida and the Bahamas before returning home on April 9.

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  1. Roger 13 January 2012 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Saw it at Falmouth on Wednesday – added a few pics to my Picasa Albums at

  2. Anonymous 12 June 2012 at 1:58 am - Reply

    It was a hole in the bottom of the boat that was leaking oil. Had been doing it for at least an entire cruise before they fixed it. They tried in Venice (hence why Trieste was canncelled and 3 days were spent in Venice), but the divers couldnt fix it. The boat still endured 2 fires whilst on the South American journeys. Hole’s in bottom, 2 fires in one cruise? You will not find me on there, not being a gambling man.

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