Face of the Siren who lured Captain Coward and his ship onto the rocks

//Face of the Siren who lured Captain Coward and his ship onto the rocks

domnicacaptain.jpgIn Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous seductresses who lured sailors to destruction on the rocky coast of their island. The Lorelei of German folklore had a similar effect on the boatmen of the River Rhine.
We now have a Siren for the 21st Century in the form of Domnica Cemortan, the passenger rep who says she was on the bridge of Costa Concordia with Captain Francisco Schettino when the ship hit a rock off the island of Giglio nearly three weeks ago.
There’s no evidence that 25-year-old Domnica – a former ballet dancer from Moldova – has birds’ feathers and scaly feet like the Sirens. But she fits the bill in almost every other detail.
She has come out with a statement today in which she says “I was on the bridge because I was in love with the captain. I found him charming and fascinating. I love him. I was on the bridge as his guest. It’s not right that his image is being destroyed.”
Schettino, dubbed Captain Coward by Italian media, is married and has a teenage daughter. He and Miss Cemortan, a single mother, both deny having an affair but police divers say they have recovered a suitcase and items of her clothing from the his cabin.
Other members of Costa Concordia’s crew have used Facebook to describe her close relationship with the captain, and they were reported to have been dining together after the ship struck the rocks on January 13.
Miss Cemortan was one of the first off the ship and in an interview with a Moldovan TV station she praised the captain for his heroism and for saving thousands of lives . After giving evidence to Italian investigators today, she was driven from the prosecutor’s office in a car with blacked out windows.
She is expected to be questioned again later and officials now say said they should be able to hold a preliminary hearing into the tragedy next month.

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