Another day, another maiden call

//Another day, another maiden call

Plaque exchange Riga.jpgOne of the traditions of cruise travel is that every time a ship visits a port for the first time, local dignitaries will come on board and present the captain with a plaque to mark the event. Observant passengers will have noted the collections of souvenirs , plates and other memorabilia on display – usually in a public stairwell or a corridor near the bridge.
Fred Olsen’s Balmoral has excelled herself this week, making two maiden calls in two days – not bad going for a ship that’s been on the go for 24 years.
On Monday, when the ship was in the Latvian capital of Riga for the first time, Captain Victor Stoica, Chief Officer Hans Soderholm and other officers welcomed aboard Laura Apoga and Inita Luna from the port’s Cruise and Passenger Division (above).
The following day, in the Lithianian port of Klaipeda, Harbourmaster Adomas Alekna and port agent Henry Shapkin came on board for another presentation and photo opportunity (below).
Don’t know about you, but I can’t help thinking that Captain Stoica and his team looked happier with the reception they received in Latvia. I wonder why.
Plaque Exchange Klaipeda.jpg

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