Big money in cruise souvenirs

//Big money in cruise souvenirs

Cruise passengers – who we were told this week save a fortune on their holidays compared with those on land-based tours – spend more of their spare cash on souvenirs.
More than three times as much, according to a study conducted by an independent online cruise travel agency.
A poll conducted for, examined the spending habits of 2,005 Britons aged 18 and over; 1,002 of them had been on a land holiday for their last trip abroad; and the remaining 1,003 last went on a cruise.
Almost all of them – 89 per cent – had brought back souvenirs. The average spend among those staying on land was £17.14, while cruise passengers splashed out an average £58.60.
The majority of cruise respondents, 64 per cent, said they were tempted to buy souvenirs at each of the destinations on their holiday, and 57 per cent chose to buy trinkets and items to display at home. The most popular buy for 52 per cent of the non-cruisers was local alcohol.
Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager of, said: “Buying souvenirs for friends and family can be quite a big financial commitment on top of the cost of the holiday itself. It was surprising to see that cruisers spend so much more than ‘dry land’ holidaymakers, and it seems that people are definitely making the most of the gifts on offer. As long as you can afford the load you’re hauling back to the UK, we say why not?”

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