Five-star future for hotel QE2

//Five-star future for hotel QE2

Supporters of the London bid to rescue the QE2 seem reluctant to accept the new deal announced today which will take the ship from Dubai to the Far East.
Rob Lightbody, of, said: “I’ll believe it when I see it because Dubai have a very very poor record of announcing things that actually happen.” Even as the ship was under tow on its way to dry dock, he added: “It’s been three-and-a-half years since she last had one. If she has anything more than a clean and check-up, I’ll eat my hat.”
John Chillingworth, of QE2London, added: “We have seen many press stories from Dubai over the last four years regarding the future of QE2, which have all proven to be inaccurate. We believe our investors can show Dubai that QE2 London is still the best proposal.”
The reality appeared in a statement from the Singapore-based Oceanic Group, which has entered into a partnership with owners Dubai World to convert the ship into a five-star hotel with 500 rooms, managed by “a prestigious international operator.”
Managing director Daniel Chu said: “The Queen Elizabeth 2 is starting the next exciting journey of her long and illustrious career. We are going to lavish many millions of dollars on this magnificent ship to restore her to the splendour of her glory days as an icon of the very best the world has to offer.
“A number of Asian cities have expressed interest in securing this historic attraction. We have firmed up with an international tourist city in the Far East as her first destination.
“Our vision is for QE2 to become a landmark cultural and tourist attraction – a beacon of luxury, glamour, quality and tradition – in the heart of a leading Asian city that shares her rich maritime heritage and is prepared to give this very special ship the prominent waterfront home she deserves.
“We are impressed that the chosen city shares our passion for preserving the history and reputation of this great ship that has journeyed more than six million miles and holds a special place in the collective memory of the two-and-a-half million passengers who have sailed on.
“Rest assured, the upgrade process will respect and safeguard the immense heritage embodied in her fine lines and luxurious fittings.”
Plans for the upgrading of the Queen Elizabeth 2 also include a luxury shopping mall, a QE2 Café offering meals similar to those served during cruises, three Michelin-starred restaurants, convention and meeting facilities. There will be an on-board maritime museum displaying QE2 memorabilia.
Questions still remain. It is unclear how the 40-year-old ship could be satisfactorily converted to provide accommodation of 21st century five-star standard, and doubters will seize on the fact that the “chosen city” has not yet been named.
But I believe there is as much chance of the vessel finding a home on the Moon as there is of it being berthed on the Thames. I hope Mr Lightbody’s hat is easily digestible.

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  1. James 18 January 2013 at 5:23 pm - Reply

    So you arent willing to listen to facts (ie what the doubters are saying), but you are willing to listen to a brief press release which leaves more questions unanswered than it actually answers.
    They even hint at the ship moving between cities. How do you expect a hotel to succeed if it constantly moves around?
    Sorry, but your comment about the ship more likely ending up on the moon than on the Thames is just stupid.

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