Majesty’s next cruise goes ahead

//Majesty’s next cruise goes ahead

Thomson Majesty has been cleared to sail on its next cruise. Authorities in the Canary Islands completed safety checks just in time for the ship to reach port in Tenerife and take on 1,500 passengers tomorrow (Friday).
The ship had been held at Santa Cruz de La Palma since Sunday, when a lifeboat plunged into the sea during a routine safety drill. Five members of crew were killed, and three others injured.
The accident was caused when a cable snapped as the boat was being raised back onto the ship. During the week, all the remaining boats have been subjected to comprehensive safety checks and the cables have been tested by raising heavy bags full of seawater.
Throughout today, anxious holidaymakers laid siege to Thomson Holidays phone lines and Facebook page, desperate to find out if they would be flown to Tenerife as scheduled to start their seven-day cruise.
After spending all day stonewalling because they simply did not know whether the authorities would allow the ship to sail, it was about 5.00 pm before Thomson were finally able to say: “We can confirm Thomson Majesty’s Colourful Coasts itinerary will sail as planned tomorrow, February 15, from Santa Cruz, Tenerife and then onwards to Gran Canaria on Saturday.”
The ship is operated and crewed by Cyprus-based Louis Cruises and chartered by Thomson. The cruise which left Tenerife last Friday got no further than La Palma and passengers were flown home to the UK in midweek as the safety inspections continued.
► Not all the queries on Thomson’s Facebook page were from passengers worried about tomorrow’s cruise. One, who said he was booked on Majesty from March 22, was desperate to know whether Cappuccinos would be included in the all-inclusive drinks package he has purchased. He was no doubt relieved to be informed that he will be able to drink all the specialist coffees he wants. But how will he sleep at night?

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