Oceania Cruises celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and these two short videos go some way to demonstrating what has made the company so successful. The line rose from the ashes of Renaissance Cruises and began by chartering two of the former R ships which it re-named Insignia and Regatta. In 2005 a third, Nautica, joined the fleet, which grew further with the addition of new-builds Marina and Riviera – both of which have gained consistently high marks when judged by passengers and luxury travel magazines.
Given that the founders originally wanted to call the company Oceana, but were forced to change to Oceania to avoid confusion with P&O and its own ship of that name, it seems odd that not one single person in the videos pronounces the letter ‘i’ when speaking its name. It’s Oceana, Oceana , Oceana every time, whether it comes from the lips of co-founder Bob Binder, chairman Frank del Rio, president Kunal Kamlani or cruise director Leslie Jon.
I wonder what P&O would say.