How can fear of high fares be putting British holidaymakers off cruises?

//How can fear of high fares be putting British holidaymakers off cruises?

More British holidaymakers than ever before are thinking of taking a cruise, according to the results of a YouGov survey published today.
The prospect of waking up in a different destination each morning led a third of travellers questioned to say they would be tempted by a cruise if the cost was comparable to an all-inclusive resort on land.
Astonishingly, despite the advertising bombardments on TV, in newspapers, and online, 40 per cent of the people questioned by YouGov thought cruises were too expensive, especially with the added cost of drinks and gratuities.
Where have these people been hiding? How can they not have noticed that cruise fares have never been as low as they are this summer, with many deals for less than £50 per day – with all meals and entertainment included.
It’s clear that perceptions are slow to change. 46 per cent thought that a cruise was for “older people” and – despite attractions such as water parks and extensive kids’ clubs – almost a third said it was a holiday for couples without children.
The Caribbean is the destination of choice for most of the 2,000 adults questioned, with just over a fifth putting it top of their list. Next came the South Pacific and Australia (15 per cent) and the Mediterranean (11 per cent).
In contrast to the results of a recent Harris Poll carried out in America, which concluded that the image of cruising had taken a severe knock following the Costa Concordia tragedy and a number of recent ship-board fires, the British respondents were undeterred by adverse publicity.
I am driven to assume that the eight per cent who said they were unaware of any media coverage of cruise holidays must be among those who have not seen the ads for bargain-basement fares.
The survey was commissioned by travel technology firm Amadeus, whose UK marketing director, Rob Sinclair-Barnes, said: “These findings show there are enormous opportunities to sell cruises.
“However, there is still a perception that cruise holidays are for the older traveller, and that they’re expensive – despite sustained efforts by the industry to broaden its appeal to a younger clientele, where value for money is a key criteria.”

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