Luxury quiz finds the best cruise

//Luxury quiz finds the best cruise

cruiseline.jpgNot sure which is the best cruise line for you? Then take this simple quiz devised by leading travel agents The Cruise Line.
The official word is that works from a “complex behavioural database” to find the perfect match. Forget all that jargon, and just choose which pictures best suit your maritime mood and let the system do the rest.
It worked pretty well for me, coming up with three choices that I would consider perfect for my requirements, although possibly not in my preferred 1-2-3 order.
Jos Dewing, Managing Director of The Cruise Line said, “This quiz is not only fun and engaging, but it’s pretty useful too. We get many prospective luxury cruise passengers coming to The Cruise Line seeking a new luxury experience but unsure which operator is right for them.
“As we represent more than 20 cruise companies that may suit their needs, this is a useful tool for narrowing down the search. The quiz is accurate owing to its complex database which has been designed objectively by true experts in the field.”
And anyone who has ever travelled on a ship knows that there are no bigger or more enthusiastic quiz enthusiasts than cruise passengers.

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