One more reason cruises are a winner

//One more reason cruises are a winner

Imagine the disappointment if you had a holiday booked at a beach resort in Mexico next week. The newspapers and TV bulletins are full of reports about swine flu and pictures of travellers arriving at airports with blue face masks over their mouths and noses.
The world’s health experts are advising against all non-essential travel to Mexico and your holiday is ruined. No time to find new flights to another destination. No certainty you’ll get your money back or that the insurance will cough up to cover your losses.
The holiday you have been dreaming about and looking forward to is lost, and it could be another six months or a year before you’ll get time off work for another.
Contrast that with the fate of people who had booked cruises which included a Mexican port or two in the itinerary.
You can still fly to Florida or California to start your holiday. The ship still sails, the holiday goes ahead. Instead of calling at Cozumel or Puerto Vallarta, the ship visits Key West or San Francisco, or you get to spend an extra day at sea. You have your fun, you get your souvenirs and you bring home new memories. Everyone’s a winner.
So go on, what are you waiting for?

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