Not such a great triumph, John

//Not such a great triumph, John

I hate to say it, but cruise director and cruise blogger extraordinaire John Heald has shot himself in the foot with his latest daily report.
As a loyal employee of Carnival Cruises, he never misses an opportunity to take a swipe at their biggest rivals, Royal Caribbean.
Today he has a go at Oasis of the Seas, which was delayed by storms while crossing the Atlantic, and will be two days late arriving in Fort Lauderdale.
“There are lots of ships making the transition from Europe to North America at the moment and all without incident despite some typical Atlantic weather. And while I wish her and her crew nothing but the best of luck and calm seas I do find it fascinating that the Oasis of the Seas has found the crossing difficult and from what I hear she is delayed and some damage has been reported.
“Anyway, I hope they make it to Port Everglades soon and maybe they have to look at the design. I mean, the Queen Mary and the little Seabourn Odyssey are all able to cross without incident, yet the Oasis, well, she hasn’t.
“Maybe it’s been really bad weather and maybe I am talking out of my bottom, or maybe it’s because the world’s largest cruise ship is as top heavy and as stable as Pamela Andersen with two water melons shoved down her T-shirt, standing one leg.”
All very amusing John, but hang on a minute, what’s this, a little further into the same blog?
John posts a Carnival Press release announcing that the Carnival Triumph’s first departure from New Orleans has been delayed by tropical storm Ida, and the same weather system has caused Carnival Triumph’s first departure from Mobile, Alabama to be put back by a day.
“It couldn’t happen at a worse time,” he writes, “for the Carnival Fantasy and Carnival Triumph were going to be giving a big dollop of pomp and circumstance to as they head for their new home ports.”
Come on John, what do they say about people in glass houses?
I’ll have to have a word with him when I join him on board Carnival Dream in New York on Thursday for a naming ceremony to be carried out by Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden. Or perhaps he’ll make me walk the plank . . .

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