Not drowning but waving

//Not drowning but waving

man in tub.jpgAfter reports of a possible man overboard (or was it just a sun lounger?) during a cruise on Ruby Princess last week, I thought I had stumbled across something equally dramatic on sister ship Diamond Princess.
I was invited to the bridge to join a few privileged passengers, including a couple who had just renewed their wedding vows, for the spectacular viewing of Harvard Glacier in Alaska’s College Fjord.
There’s a section of deck at the bow of the ship which contains a swimming pool and a hot tub for crew use, and there below us was a motionless figure, for all the world looking like the victim of a tragic accident.
However, Captain Bob Oliver assured us it was one of his Russian officers, braving the chill winds to take a private dip – but not expecting to be watched by passengers. And before long he emerged from the tub, gave us a wave, and returned to his duties.

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  1. swimmingfan 24 August 2010 at 9:24 pm - Reply

    your overdrramatizing things a bit who do you think you are. its just a man in a tub not someone whose drownd

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