Phillip looks his best on a cruise

//Phillip looks his best on a cruise

schofe1_QE.jpgPhillip Schofield always looks so well turned out on ITV’s This Morning that it came as a surprise that he tries to avoid fellow Brits while on holiday because he’s “a scruffy sod at heart and I don’t always want to think about having a shave or always having to smile.”
“I appreciate fans very much, but family time on holiday is sacred,” he said recently.
Not much chance of avoiding his fans last week, when he took a short holiday on Cunard’s newest cruise ship, Queen Elizabeth (above), which was making its maiden round-Britain voyage.
Back on our TV screens last week after a summer break, he was soon off again, travelling to Liverpool to board the ship, sailing to Dublin for a taste of the black stuff and then on to Cork where he disembarked to fly home.
While on board, he shaved and put on a smart jacket and crisp white shirt to be shown around the bridge by Captain Chris Wells (below).
On Twitter, Schofield said he was as excited as a 10-year-old to be shown the banks of computers and the tiny joystick which control the 92,000-ton ship.
Thanks for looking your best, Phillip; wouldn’t do to be scruffy on a ship launched by The Queen.

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